Over the last couple of years, steroids have become really popular over the world. It has become quite easy to buy them online or at gym. We can easily say that it has become a “buyer’s market” for those who know about them but those who don’t have sufficient knowledge about steroids, they can easily be scammed or more importantly, overcharged.

It is not easy to exactly “write down” what one should pay for a steroid, as the prices for steroids differ quite dramatically depending on a number of factors. Naturally some of the steroids will cost more than the others, even more when they have exotic blends in them.

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Manufacturer’s intent

The first factor on which cost of the steroids depend is actually the intent of the manufacturer of the steroid. If the manufacturer has big name in the industry and is a large pharmaceutical company, then prepare yourself to pay top dollar. Just like in real life, where you pay more for the branded clothes, same is the case here. The reason is fairly simple. The large companies make sure that what they are offering is both safe and accurate. They also bear a lot of manufacturing cost to deliver the best possible product.

Research and development, clinical trials, marketing, shipping costs, salaries of employees, all play a part in determining the total price of the steroid. Apart from that, one bottle has to pass from a number of hands (Producer, distributor, pharmacy etc.) to finally reach you. Each individual throughout the process increases price of the product to mark their individual profit.


The next cheapest products, one can find are what are known as UG (Underground) lab produced steroids. HG (Human Grade) steroids will always cost more than the UG steroids. The reason is simple. UG labs operate without any boundaries of the law and as such are not answerable for any sort of sterility or potency of the product. A price difference of more than 50% is often observed between UG steroids and HG steroids. This huge difference is the reason why most of the people prefer UG steroids over HG steroids.

Raw powder form

This is by far the cheapest method of buying steroids. This means, you will actually have to buy oil, solvent and raw hormones in addition to the materials to transfer the steroid with, and filters. You will also have to buy empty capsules, vials or bottles to put the final product in. Surely this method is very time consuming but not costly.

So here are all of the options you can choose from. You need to know about your actual steroid, your manufacturer, the lab in which it is produced, and ultimately you will be able to buy the perfect steroid you are looking for in a reasonable and genuine price.