The Glass protecting the screen of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 is very fragile, so we have to handle the device very carefully; Western press says concerning user complaints. On the other hand, Galaxy S9 is supposed to overcome this issue and will come up with a strong glass, next year.

According to tech reviewers, the glass belonging to his phone, Galaxy S8, cracked as a result of low-energy collisions in smartphone keyboard with plastic housing. So, Samsung is working on its high-quality polycarbonate plastic housing for the upcoming Galaxy S9.

In turn, the publication TechRadar, explore the drop-tests, Samsung’s flagship calls “the most fragile smartphone of all.” Thus, in one test, the drop device contrived covered with cracks on all sides after one stroke. Next Galaxy S9 will take care of these difficulties befalling in the phone.

According to experts of the company SquareTrade, the indicator “Lom Uche STI”  said that the Galaxy S8 was at the level of 76 points out of 100, and the Galaxy S8 Plus – 77 points. For comparison – the level of iPhone 7 was estimated at 50 points out of 100, and Galaxy S9 is highly expected to break the records of these phones with attaining highest points among them.

Samsung smartphones in the US fell to a critical level

Flagships of the previous generation of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge fell in the Russian retail doubled in comparison with the price set at the start of sales. Thus, in March 2016 the gadget appeared in the windows of stores at the cost of 60 thousand rubles, but now many shops reduced prices for “outdated” model up to 30 thousand rubles or even lower.

Prices for the ex-leaders of traditionally are falling on the eve of and after the release of new models of smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and upcoming S9 and S9+and other mobile devices. Also, the retail price has influenced by fluctuations of the ruble, and which has recently been strengthened significantly.


As for performance, Galaxy S6, S7 and S7 Edge have not disappointed us. After the upgrade to Android 7.0, I compared it with the fresh Galaxy A7 2017. So 80% of the S6 performance is still bright. This is true both for ordinary tasks (such as start-up the phone book or settings), and to work with third-party applications (games, social networks, browsers, instant messengers). If we compare it with galaxy S8/S8+, Performance of the phone is greatly influenced and are very much likable by the customers, and same is praying for the upcoming S9 to get launch with highly classified performance.


I have passed through many of the most complex models of smartphones. Some become my primary device for a week or two. But every time I gave the test to flagship smartphones and get back to my battered Galaxy S6. And I do not feel slighted. Yes, there is no moisture protection. Yes, there is Always-on display. But in the daily operation, you do not notice. The smartphone does not freeze, does not slow down, do not eat the battery for no reason. That’s not annoying. When you launch the camera, it continues to enjoy excellent image quality under almost any conditions. The flagship is the flagship of even two years after the debut. The margin of safety at the Galaxy S6 turned out decent. Maybe after the release of Galaxy S9 fans would live without any issues – who knows?