AS/400 server came into reality before 29 years ago and it started serving the companies which are midsized for their computing requirements. Since then, AS/400 has brought big revolution in the technology world. With major technological changes, AS/400 server’s name changed from as/400 to iSeries, and then, System i. currently, it is known with the name of IBM i machines. When it comes to business-critical applications, AS400 cloud  is used by many companies.

There are a lot of IT professionals who still name it AS/400 platform. In 2018, the IBM i( iSeries/as400) move to cloud hosting because of several reasons. Here are all the main reasons why IBM i( iSeries/as400) move to cloud hosting you should aware of it:

  1. Save Bucks

Cloud hosting is usually 30 to 70% less expensive as compared to on premise service.  IBM’s Power servers (smallest) comes with more resource and capacity than 80% of IBM i( iSeries/as400) the users require. When it is compared to renting server small portion, it is then analyzed that one can save a huge amount of money by hosting rather than buying.

 Hosting does not only cut down server purchase price, but it also reduces the costs for user-based pricing, core activation, software maintenance, and on-going hardware. Thus, without any doubt, AS/400 cloud hosting is a better option rather buying and it is truly meaningless to buy it.

  1. Greater Redundancy and Security

Data centers offer more redundancy and security. Generally, data centers come with redundant power, internet access, secure and reliable physical access, and internet access. And if one analyzes the price to host a server at a data centers, then it will $1000-$3000 months. By hosting your business applications, you have advantages of data center redundancy and security at a fraction of the price.

  1. New Technology Access

Hosting can let you upgrade to newest IBM POWER server and you can have great advantages from the newer, and faster hardware. Also, you don’t have to concern about purchasing a server again. Thus, AS400 cloud hosting is really better to open yourself to the new technology.

  1. Server Management, Support, and Backup

Simply hosting your applications will also ensure that your business applications are safe. And with hosting, you can easily have access to support whenever you need.

  1. Flexible

Hosting is truly more flexible as compared to buying new server or hardware. You can host your application from month to month, or quarter to quarter to quarter or whatever your requirements. It all depends on you how you want it.

Thus, these are all major reasons why IBM i( iSeries/as400) switch to cloud hosting. All are good reasons that can give a huge benefit to companies who develop massive applications. As there are a lot of providers for AS400 Cloud hosting, but Source Data Products is the one on which you can trust. They are IBM i Experts and offer flexible and affordable solutions when it comes to Expert IBM i Cloud Hosting.