House owners often want to place a carpet over the carpet in their home. This can be due to: saving on the removal and disposal of the old carpet, because the existing carpet is glued and the very process of its removal will be expensive and time-consuming. The reason may also be the provision of insulation of cold floors with an additional layer. to present to you the new trend that home owners are using, which is installing a carpet over carpet instead of getting rid of the old one. Is it a good or a bad thing find out by reading this article.
Instead of cutting the existing carpet into smaller pieces and turning it into household waste, you can effectively remove it under the new carpet. Yes, that is something that home owners started doing and it looks very interesting and modern. Instead of investing time and money into getting rid of the old carpets, why don’t you reuse them and give your home a new fun look that everyone will love?

Besides all the positive benefits of putting carpet over carpet, experts advise that there are several reasons not to put a carpet over the carpet.

Experts in the carpet industry say that carpet placement is not advisable for a number of reasons.

The carpet requires an adequate installation base. Carpet that is fitted with an irregular base will quickly chuckle. Studies show that molds in the carpet are deteriorating due to the presence of dirt. It is almost impossible to clean old carpet so that all dirt is completely removed. If you start the journey of professional carpet cleaning, you will greatly spend money that could be used to remove the carpet in the first place.

Reasons for not setting carpet over the carpet

By adding an additional layer to the floor, you effectively “lower the ceiling”. Do not forget that adding a height to your carpet will mean that the door will have to be rearranged and positioned again.

Carpet usage

Carpets are the favorite type of floor covering that greatly affects your space. They provide good thermal and sound insulation, significantly contributing to the outward appearance of the space and the comfort of it. If you want to make your home look nice, experts advise to remove the old carpet and install the new ones. While many approve the idea of installing carpet over carpet, there are people who do not recommend this idea as it will cause a lot of troubles in the future. It will be very hard to clean the area completely which will then have a negative effect on your overall health. Make sure you do the right thing for your health and the health of all the people who live in your home. Choose the right thing.

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