Though the method of nursing your baby may seem a bit simple, it does not come in a natural manner. When you are aware about the best position for breastfeeding baby, it can eradicate any source of problems and in the process go on to provide a satisfying experience of sorts.

Now you might be wondering on which is the best position for breastfeeding? There are some positions which are recommended by experts which has its own set of advantages, but you need to take into considerations that indeed there are some pointers involved. For the breastfeeding moms, they need to be in a position which goes on to provide them with a maximum level of comfort. You should sit or rest in such a manner, that ensures maximum support for your back and the arms and if the situation permits you can put your feet up at the same time.

You need to place the baby close to you so that they do not need to turn their head to nurse. Ideally, their face should be facing your nipple. The back of the infant should be supported so that the chin faces the breast. If the baby goes on to latch to your nipple in a manner that hurts, you need to remove her gently and try again.

The best positions for breastfeeding are the ones that goes on to ensure the maximum level of comfort and the chances of sore nipples hardly arise at the same time. Hereby are some positions which might work for you.

Cross cradle

One of the best positions happens to be the cross cradle hold. You tend to sit in a chair with arm rests and the baby is held in the crook of the arm from your breast when you are feeding. It happens to be the left arm from the right breast and right arm from the left breast. The back of the baby should be held with your open hand. The other hand should be used to support the baby from the underneath. Once you have got hold of this position you can go on to opt for the cradle position

Cradle position

Once you go on to cradle your baby on the lap, they should be lying on the side, resting their hip or shoulder with the mouth on a level with your nipple. If the need arises you can use pillows to support your baby. In fact this form of support may be needed in the first few weeks of pregnancy when the baby happens to be small. One may also need to support their breast at the same time.

Laid back breastfeeding

In this position the moms go on to lie in a position that goes on to support their head or their shoulders. The baby should be rest in such a position which is comfortable for them at all points. The cheek of the baby can go on to rest on your breast and then you can guide them to the nipple.