To put it simply, digital photography is basically about using a digital camera to shoot as an art form. Regardless if it’s a point and shoot, a DSLR or mirrorless as long as it’s digital (not film) then that is considered as such. While technically using mobile devices can also be considered as digital photography, it got a different term like mobile photography just to make that distinguishable difference.

So where does smartphone photography or mobile photography be related to this? Here’s a good scenario, when you got used to taking photos with your mobile device because you like to take selfies and photos of almost anything, over time you developed this skill and you realized that you are already getting good at it. Because of that you feel like you can take the next step forward, you feel limited with the hardware of your mobile device thus you want to explore buying a decent camera for your new found hobby.

Your not the only one: Hardware is everything and this is clearly distinguished when you got a DSLR versus a smartphone. Smartphone companies can always advertise that they have the better cameras but they are actually referring to being better versus their previous models and being better than their competition, but no matter how hard they do it, at the end of the day a DSLR will still be a DSLR and  mobile device will still be a mobile device.

train, miniature, and photography image

The hardware will always win: There is a good reason why professionals carry professional (full frame) DSLR versus carrying their iPhone X, for the reason that hardware is everything in order to get better results. Bigger sensor, bigger lense just to say a very few features can really distinguish a DSLR from a mobile device. Just to kill the debate, megapixels don’t make a better picture, although undeniable megapixel does help make better results, it’s not the only thing that makes a better picture, rather it’s one of the things.

The art of photography: Photography is an art because it’s not just about taking photos, everyone can do that. It’s about seeing something like lines, angles, light, moment, take it, shoot it to make stunning results. Regardless if it’s a good location, a dirty location or a bad location, a good photographer can make the best things out of it and make it something beautiful. If you think that this is something that you would like to learn, then a smartphone camera just won’t cut it, if you are getting good at it then it’s time to buy a good camera.

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