Damping has been a very common problem in houses and construction. The liquid that somehow reaches the wooden parts of the structure start to erode the wood gradually. The damp and mould may not look like big problems except for the fact that they look hideous. However, to your surprise, if you have dampness at home and has been occurring for a while, it may have turned infectious. There could be hundreds of dangerous germs that may even cause deadly problems at home.

Apart from these, there are many other effects that damp at home causes to not just the building but even its inhabitants:

  • Smell:

The damp that has been present in the walls or joints for a while can cause infectious bacteria and germs to grow. This could make your house smell weird and the atmosphere of the house would get spoiled. The foul smell is going to resist guests from coming in.

  • Weakness:

If the liquid leaking doesn’t stop entering the wood, the dampness grows even more and could even lead to joints getting weak. This could turn into a very dangerous situation and the house may even collapse. The dampness corrodes the logs and other materials and makes them very weak.

  • Disintegration:

Dampness travels through the walls and the joints and weakens the plaster of the wall. This could lead to bricks and stones on the wall getting disintegrated. This may even lead to falling of bricks or tiles and prove to be really dangerous later.

  • Effects on flooring:

The dampness in homes does not stay in just walls. After a while, if no action is taken against it, the water starts flowing towards the floors. This can reduce the amount of adhesion present in the flooring. This, in turn, leads to the weakening of flooring. This turns out to be really dangerous as the flooring takes a huge amount of load in the building. If damp proofing doesn’t take place, the flooring might collapse.

  • Aesthetics:

The aesthetics of the house are greatly affected by the dampness. The dark-coloured spots created on the surface take away the quality of the house. The reputation that your house has would go down the drain if you don’t take care of the dampness soon.

  • Home to insects:

Due to this dampness, the fibres of the wood get weakened and may get apart. This spaces created could invite insects to stay and produce more. This will greatly infect the air inside the home.

Damping is not a very interesting topic for many but it needs attention. The health issues arising in buildings due to this can be easily handled if acted responsibly.