You may be one of the many stereotypes who believe that marijuana “is just for criminals,” and no one can blame you for thinking that way. I mean, it is a drug responsible for such addiction and obsession.

Well, that is just one example of a myth about marijuana. There is, in fact, and there is a lot of myths attached to medical cannabis. However, do we have to really settle for just myths and neglect the fact that somehow cannabis can be therapeutically good for our health?

Unfortunately, the misinformation and fake news about medical cannabis have confused a lot of people. This is especially the case as more states have legalized its use for both medical and recreational purposes.

So before you order weed online, it is time to set the mind straight on these medical cannabis myths. Let us check it out from today’s blog!

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What We Believe of Marijuana: Myths!

We will limit the medical cannabis myths addressed in this blog post to health and wellness related issues.

We believe everybody deserves to have the right information on medical or recreational cannabis. Our goal is to educate our readers by breaking the fallacies about medical marijuana. At the end of this blog post, you will learn the truth behind every medical cannabis myths and that will definitely make sense before you even order weed online.

  1. Medical Cannabis Is Addictive

The most obvious myth— addictive! This is the number one thought that pops int your mind when talking about marijuana. However, a study had shown that there are only 9% of medical cannabis users had become addicted to it.  This number is likely to be overinflated.  People who have completed court-ordered cannabis addiction treatment use it in order to heal other health-related issues.

People who are using medical cannabis can stop doing so any time they desire.  The problem is that the symptom they are trying to cure with when using medical cannabis can recur when they stop.

  1. Medical Cannabis Kills Brain Cells

This could not be farther from the truth. Definitely no! In fact, there is a study and proof that marijuana can actually help cure and fight brain cancer which is a total opposite to what we have thought as a cell-killing drug.

Cannabinoids, another chemical compound in medical cannabis, is found to be neuroregenerative.  That means that they build new neurons in the brain rather than kill brain cells.

This same compound is also considered to be neuroprotective, learn this here now.  It protects the brain cells from neurodegenerative diseases and brain injuries caused by head trauma, stroke, and concussions.

  1. Medical Cannabis Stays in Your System for 30 Days 

No, this is not true. Definitely far from the truth! This could only happen if you are a chronic user or have weight problems.  That’s because of THC bonds with the fat cells in the body. In fact, medical cannabis should leave the body within a couple of days from its last use.

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