You can always pay cash for your copier if you have plenty of money in your business bank account. This can save you a few extra leasing points and a few bucks to protect you. A buy vs. lease deal’s mechanics are similar to buying a vehicle. When buying, it makes sense, and you will. Both of them will last the same number of years. Other benefits of purchase are that you can do whatever you want with the device, and it can be a significant tax deduction. However, the costs associated with this critical piece of office equipment have also increased as copiers have become more technologically advanced. Instead of purchasing the machine directly, several businesses are leasing a copier.

 One of the main advantages of leasing a business machine is that it usually includes service and repairs in the negotiated price. All of this is being included in the contract for service. Arrangements for assistance are generally being based on a price “per page.” One black and white price and another colour price. Make sure these prices are comparable. There might be a big difference between the various copiers, or you might get an offer from each of the different authorized dealers. This article will provide you with the top reasons why you should opt to rent office photocopier melbourne.

rent office photocopier melbourne

Reasons: Why Rent Instead Of Buy Your Own?

 Renting helps avoid the “technological obsolescence” concept. It is very common for all equipment to incorporate technology to replace functionality by a more advanced version after a few years or even months. This is the risk that a good portion of the budget will get spent on buying technology-based equipment.

With renting, this risk does not exist because in the hypothetical case that the machinery is outdated, in addition to having the latest technology available, it can usually get upgraded to meet your needs, without additional costs, with a newer version incorporating enhanced features.

Extra savings. Let’s go back to the economic issue: what happens if our buying-acquired multifunction photocopier breaks down? They need to add technical service, parts adjustment, maintenance, etc. to the initial cost of the computer. Nonetheless, we have technical support by renting that will allow us to fix and even replace it if necessary.

Tax advantages. The monthly rental payments as a business expense are tax-deductible. A typical office equipment lease or rental contract’s accounting treatment is much easier than the annual accounting method of depreciating the value of a purchased asset.

What Are Its Benefits?


  • Modern efficiency and characteristics. It’s an investment when you buy an office copier. This investment will last for at least five years, and a company plans ten or even 15 years in many situations. A downside to this long-term investment is the rapid improvement in technology. Your purchased copier is probably not as fast as the new copiers on the market in just three years, and there are probably a few features that would improve productivity. You can rent on a short-term basis when you lease and have the option of upgrading your copier. You always have the latest hardware and software to use for your business. This can make a big difference in cost, productivity, and labour as a whole. These are all added up.
  • The critical consideration for any company is the initial investment and budgeting money. Business machines are expensive. Most businesses have to take out loans, and then an examination becomes the down payment on that loan and its interest. It doesn’t take the same upfront cost to hire a copier. Leases are often being handled on a monthly basis, and usually, the first payment is the same or close to the subsequent payment amount. Most times, at the end of the contract, the last few may be as small as a certain amount for you to own the copier.
  • Understanding precisely what you are going to pay every month is also an excellent advantage for budgeting. What do you think happens when you buy your copier and then a few years later have to replace a costly part? Companies typically don’t budget for these extra expenses. If that service is being included in your contract, there is no need to budget for future repair.

Buying Tips For Renting A Photocopier

 Test drive it: Please feel free to ask us for a demonstration of how the devices function while selecting between two or three copier versions. Or if it’s more a case of colour print quality, ask a Club sales representative to give you copies and prints of your own paper files in advance to ensure satisfaction.

Unless you expect to make less than 700 copies per month, you probably don’t have to hire a “company” or “office” printer. You’d better buy a smaller desktop printer or multifunctional laser printer (MFP, MFD) that would cost much less overall-unless you want an office printer’s advanced features.

 Printer leasing’s cash flow and tax relief incentives provide a very strong case against cash buying. When you purchase machinery directly, the money invested will, in turn, get tied up in a depreciating asset. On the other hand, Printer Leasing helps you to save money for other purposes or opportunities. Specifically, to be sure of the right decision for your business, talk to your accountant who can provide financial advice on what’s best for your business.