The refrigerant leak detectors will be the best friend of HVAC technician. Your capability of diagnosing and rectifying any problem within the refrigeration system is an important skill.  You may need the best tools for accomplishing one challenging aspects of a job, detecting the refrigerant leaks. The article introduces you some best leak detectors in the market, and what to search for while evaluating the refrigerant leak detectors as well as benefits of having best leak detector that you may afford, visit to know more.

How to Select Leak Detector?

It’s essential that you select the top refrigerant leak detector, which suits your needs. However, what are qualities you must look for before choosing the product? Let us find out:

Works Really Fast

The device that works really fast is considered as best leak detector since it allows you reach various locations and check on the leaks quickly. You must look for the detectors with very little time for warm-up, quality sensors, as well as instantaneous time reaction.

Detects Wide Range of Refrigerants

Even though you might not require the leak detector that can detecting all kinds of the refrigerant ensure that one you select can detect the refrigerant that you will work with. The devices that detect various refrigerants are generally costly, thus apply the expertise and check out the field applications before you choose the best one.

Range of Refrigerants

Long Battery & Sensor Life

Select the leak detector, which has the long battery life and better still makes use of rechargeable batteries since this allow you many hours of the uninterrupted work time. The long sensor life helps you to save time and plenty of hassle.


You need to find out operational time of the leak detector before you make the purchase. Select the product you know can stay highly operational for providing it says on a manual.


There’re a lot of models that are available that are highly affordable and can give best performance. Research on internet and talk to the local seller before you choose on the unit to make sure you get best value for your money.

Why to Use Leak Detector?

The refrigeration system generally depends on refrigerant to work. So, when system develops any leak, there‘s the loss of refrigerant as well as with this goes an ability of providing enough cooling. For the domestic system, result is the warm house in middle of the summer even when air conditioning is working.