Lawrence Dasari’s great direction and coaching the actors on top of his game is what makes this movie deserving to receive three stars. Coupled with his passion for creating movies and his team members in the filmmaking committee, he was able to successfully showcase the artists of the film as one of their best performances. They have delivered distinct credentials in the acting department which is something that they should be proud of.He has made so many efforts in increasing the number of audiences that his movie caters so it is high time that many people watch this movie.

Story: Nee Jathaleka is a drama combined with love movie which was released on October 1st, 2016. The main character in this movie is Naga Shourya while the female lead role is Parul Gulati debuting her first Telugu movie in the film industry. Parul Gulati has been an actress of Punjabi where she starred in movies like Romeo Ranjha and Zorawar.

The good thing about this story is that it evolved around two characters wanting for the attention of love and seeking special treatment. The movie was said to foster love towards a friend then, later on, gets developed because of too many things that she loves about her.

Actor Performances: Both actors and actresses have undergone special training and drama and acting workshops for them to be able to expound more on how they will be able to deliver their respective roles. Each scene was practiced prior to filming to foster better acting capacity.
The way actors and actresses look appears to be romantic so that the audience will feel the love that they are uttering for each other. Their differences do not make them less of a person but they used it for them to be able to show their love for each other.

Technical Excellence: The film was taken from amazing and extravagant places to show how love blossomed from scratch. It may not be easy for the directors to film from different sites but they managed to work on it the way they wanted it to be. The songs used in the film were recorded to make it sound like as if you are the protagonist in the movie. This has to be shared to all of those who are happy with the outcome of the movie