SEO is like your most expensive gadget’s installation manual. You neglect core aspects and risk rendering the gadget useless hence the need to make another costly purchase. If your business is already online, you can’t neglect SEO and expect to reap big over time. Experts recommend wise investments when it comes to matters SEO. If you decide to hire Vancouver SEO services, you must settle for a reputable and well-known agency. Here are some of the SEO mistakes that most businesses are making.

Keyword Stuffing Content

You read someone that optimizing on keyword use can earn you more traffic and search engines.  So you now think that using your target keywords in every sentence or paragraph is the best way to do this. What you don’t really understand is that Google revokes content that is keyword stuffed. Overusing your target keyword can make your content look and feel outdated regardless of how creative and interesting it is. Stop using your keyword too many times in a single piece of an article if you want to rank high and attract more traffic.

Paraphrasing Content from Other Websites

Just because you read an interesting and creative post that had earned thousands of readers doesn’t mean you should paraphrase and post it on your website. The owner of the website you got the article from may not follow up and take any legal action on you but Google won’t leave you to have peace. Posting duplicate content is against Google’s terms and conditions, so you cannot rank or acquire more traffic by presenting interesting and creative but duplicated content to your readers.

Not Making Your Website Mobile Friendly

Based on statistics, the largest amount of traffic and reads got through websites come from mobile devices. In other words, the largest number of online content readers and customers access their target services, products, and content via mobile devices. So, you cannot neglect the value of mobile-friendly websites and expect to be a key player in the online fraternity. If you sure want to earn better rankings and more traffic, you must make your website user-friendly and mobile-friendly.

Not Giving Your Website Social Media Presence

Social media has proven to be the simplest and most effective way to connect with potential customers. Not having a social media presence for your business puts your website at a dark spot where potential customers may never see it. If really you want to share the success established businesses are already enjoying, you have to make your business presence to customers on all social media platforms.


Not hiring the right Vancouver SEO services is the last critical mistakes most businesses are making.  SEO is a complex and intricate sector that doesn’t only require someone to be creative in convincing their clients but also have the skills and knowledge in providing top-notch SEO services that meet and exceed customer expectations.  There are so many facts about SEO that we cannot ignore if we really want to be successful. You can learn the facts here now. And for those looking to hire the best SEO services, you can visit for more details.