On 31st July 2016, the SCOAN Sunday Service was a special package from the Divine Spirit. From the wonderful testimonies to the songs of the choir, the existence of God was validated beyond doubt. Congregants got the chance to watch videos of the Morning Water treatment during the unbiased established South Korea, 2016 Pastors’ Conference with Prophet TB Joshua. They witnessed breaking yokes, the power of God at work, healing diverse kinds of illnesses and delivering souls from the incarceration of Satan.

Evangelist Edward stimulated the atmosphere of SCOAN with fervent zest when he delivered his enlightening message titled ‘Learn Obedience’. He reminded Christians that every time they are faced with perplexing situations, they always have two options. One is to perform from their own human infirmities or to obey and stand by the Spirit of God. And in the moment of judgement, people are open with two options: to act out of character and react emotionally, badly or intellectually to the heft of the situation or to trust the Divine Spirit in the middle of the trials and respond to the Spirit. One can choose to learn anger, offence and disobedience or one can choose to acquire obedience to the will of God.


Mentioning the sufferings of Lord Christ and how He abided by and obeyed the will of His father, Evangelist Edward perceived that a Christian’s character is molded by the problems he encounters as he voyages through life with all its ups and downs. The way a Christian’s character matures through obedience is by dealing with problems and facing difficulties. As a Christian, what one goes through serves a beneficial purpose: To strengthen and form your character and to formulate you for the everlasting glory that lies in the future.

He resolved by encouraging Christians to embrace and accept every difficult challenge as an opportunity to pass through God’s modification process, stating that many have overlooked the glory ahead because of their denial to accept the process. Whatever situation a person is passing through is an occasion for one to learn obedience to the will of God. Nonetheless, many individuals are still rejecting the process, the means, and the very appliance God is using to refine them. This is the reason why people remain as they are and all that they go through seems to be futile.

On the instruction from the Divine Spirit, SCOAN or The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations moved to a large stretch of land in Ikotun-Egbe, in the suburbs of Lagos. Thousands of people began gathering to the services as they heard about the extraordinary events taking place there. God had engrained a prophecy in the heart of T.B. Joshua. Some people would find it bizarre for a church of just a small number in a self-effacing area in Lagos, Nigeria to be predictively named a church of all countries but for the vision in the life of TB Joshua. The label given to the church is an authentication to the prophetic vision given to Prophet TB Joshua and his determined and calm focus on that vision.