Funfair Tokens are the utilization tokens used as cryptocurrencies, providing a fair and user experience to the play and transact. Funfair blockchains solution offers fast low cost and probably fair transaction. Using State channels called fake channels enables real-time, cheaper and secure experience, unlike the funfair wagers payouts, network fees, developer rewards, and affiliate revenue. Players will receive winnings instantly without any human discretion. Once the player’s address is funded with the fun token, they can play online games with funds sent directly from a Cryptocurrency wallet.

Fun Token Review

At the beginning of the gaming session, the player can spend the fun tokens on the fate channels smart contract, sending enough fun tokens to cover any potential payout. Fun tokens from both the player and game app developer are held in escrow by fate channel smart contract. Once the game session has finished, the appropriate fund balance is sent to both parties, providing instant gameplay as the quick and transparent exchange doesn’t take timeIt reduces costs as you don’t have to pay a transaction fee each time. The revenue rates being less made it popular at a large scale.

Funfair token sale

Pre token sale took place on June 22nd, 2017, and ended just four hours later. They raised approximately a 26millon US dollars with over 80%  of tokens sold in institutional purchases. The symbol of the ticket is FUN.

The founder of funfair is JEZ SAN OBE, and he is a British technology entrepreneur and investor. He designed Argonauts software in his teens and designed the first chip to design 3D games. He stood as an active investor in the blockchain and Cryptocurrency sector since 2013. The founder and CTO is Jeremy Longley, with over 15 years of experience managing the technology team from the development of advanced video game software to its deployment and operations. The funfair has many good use cases and solves many problems like growing doubts about personal data integrity. There are various benefits of the introduction of these fun tokens.

So for fair and quick gaming, the fun token is proved to be the best platform. The games available have good quality and usability in Cuban Links gaming technology with greater transparency, security, and player protection. The online transaction remains the most important vertical for AI gaming affiliates. Funfair solution is a fill platform and operator. So it delivers a truly groundbreaking affiliate solution.