As the decades went by, newspapers have gone digital as each one of them provide e-paper and online news website services. Since digital media has become an integral part of the modern society and a potential challenge to the print media, actual news tabloids give double of their effort to reach up the qualities. An online news portal design must have an impressive, captivating, creative, and content rich design to stay long or without it. It may vanish soon.

Online news portals provide its readers up-to-date information,, to not let anyone get left out and interest them with various stories to captivate their reader’s attention.

Must-have features

    • A customized news portal design. An online news portal development should provide its readers the possibility to customize their page giving them the power to choose options of sections, contents, and topics of their interest –, although some feature a general topic with various articles and contents of the same topic to read and choose from, but does not bore its readers. If a website design fails to offer this personalized reader experience, visitors might leave the portal and look for some other online sites which offer them that.
    • Breaking news. This is an important distinctive feature of an awesome news portal website. Updates of breaking news with unfolding stories of popular interest are powerful enough to keep the readers scrolling for more at the portal all day! A portal that brings breaking and shaking news to the readers in the first place will more likely get often visits.
  • Style matters. A work of creativity might also be in the form of news portal development. A website or portal created with a stylish and up-to-the-minute design is an absolute process of art and creativity. Choose a specific design for the audience. Every successful news portal have beautiful and impressive web style.
  • Create an easy to navigate design. Portals that are easy to navigate are more likely to get visited by readers that those without it. Navigation menus must be simple and must get placed at the right position. For most websites, their primary navigation menus lies below the header and above the content in which both positions are being seen by the visitors right away.
  • Colour scheme. Readability is the most important feature for a news portal development. What facilitates the readability of an article’s content is the contrast of colors, which is why black on white scheme is the most suitable for news portals and websites. Visitors are going to hate the portal if the contents of your portal are not readable.
  • Frequent news updates. This is an essential feature for the existence of a news portal. These updates will attract the audience and affects the portal’s result in search engines as well.
  • White space maximization. Do not bore your reader by filling all the white space with your article’s content. A wide white space shows the readers where they should focus their attention since white spaces are what makes the website more readable and simple.

The features of a great online news portal does not only limit to the mentioned above, but these might help an individual if he/she opts to make a news portal online.