More students these days are interested to study in Canada. For this, they need to apply for student visa Canada. In the last three years, the numbers of students have increased alarmingly. In the year 2008, three thousand students have applied for the student Canadian visa.  By the year 2010, the figure has crossed 12,000 and can get double by 2013. This was estimated previously. However, this can be credited to the friendly visa policies and most of the initiatives are taken by the government of Canada to attract the Indian students to take admission in the top universities. The Canadian government provide with lucrative options to help the students agree to the admission.

Process of Application

For the reason, it is important to take into account Canada student visa requirements. In the recent times, the student visa applications from India have been dedicated to the fast track system and this helps in accelerating the procedure for processing the request. The student visa will take fifteen working days or approximately three weeks to get processed in style. The cost of the student permit is INR 5,470, and this comes along with the processing charges. The international students even have the permission to work in Canada at the time when they are studying at the place.

Working with the Permit

The international students in Canada can work both on campus and off campus. There are full-timestudents with valid study permit and they can work on the campus without the work permit. This is meant for the full-time students enrolled at the public university, at the community college and even at the vocational college. This is a kind of public funded trade, the private institution or the technical school. To work outside the campus the international students in Canada have to apply for the work permit.

Working Off Campus

It is necessary for the overseas students to apply for student visa Canada, especially when they are working off the campus. This will also make them take part in the work Permit Program. Based on the provisions of the permit the students will be allowed to work for 20 hours per week when it is term time. However, they can work whole time during the semester breaks and the holidays. The international students who have the mind to work off campus and at the same time go for full time study in Canada should look for the university permit in one way or the other.

Gathering Experience rightly

There are certain programs in Canada to help the students work at the place and gather the relevant experience. They should know well regarding Canada student visa requirements and is encouraged to do an internship or the sort of practicum. You even get to work at the co-op placements and here you are offered with the relevant work experience based on the subject of study. For this, you should have the Study Permit and even a Work Permit. In case you have graduated from the Canadian university you are perfectly encouraged to seek employment in the same country.