As a direct consequence of the unprecedented outburst of coronavirus, human dependence on pharmaceutical companies such as ACHV at is highlighted. Biotech companies that manufacture drugs and vaccines to overcome any type of illness are significant. Consequently, the pandemic has brought appreciation and respect for the people working in this industry. However, there are numerous factors to consider before investors think about investing in drug stocks.

Market downturn and other loss

It must be recalled that the healthcare sector did not escape the prevailing market downturn. Instead, the stocks of various big pharmaceutical companies have reduced to 20%-30% from their past year’s peak prices. Moreover, global pharma varies in value of $100 billion to $200 billion even with the existing decrease in price.

In addition to this, biotech companies are also not immune owing to the current sale of assets. Moreover, many company’s top ten holdings together make up 53% of the portfolio. The index also fell more than 25% this year.


Disease ignore the economy

People are and will fall sick despite the condition of the economy and they require proper medication to recover. some people suffer from chronic illnesses such as diabetes and then some suffer from rare genetic disorders. However, Pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies such as ACHV will continue to deliver medicines and vaccines to the highest extent possible.

Most importantly, the only thing that has changed its procedure is the delivery of treatment. Following the necessary rituals such as social distancing, the world can see a shift toward telemedicine and virtual doctor visits. Patients are also advised to take oral pills only if prescribed by the doctors.

Financial stability

Big and small scale pharma companies sell drugs and medications and spend their resources on the research and development sector. While the sales of almost every sector have been affected, there are other things affected too. For instance, the majority of the pharma companies have terminated the opening of any new clinics or their trials. They have also halted the ongoing stuff due to the pandemic. Consequently, this may reduce the overall expenses incurred in research and development in the coming years.

It is also essential to recall that programs such as buying something back by the original seller are optional, they can be halted or started anytime they want. Moreover, the money can be redirected to provide the fund to other operations through a business slowdown.


The entire world is looking at the health workers and drug developers to win this huge war against the pandemic Covid-19. There is also a slight possibility that more people than before begin to realize the value of this sector and may want to invest in it.

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