Rarely, there is someone who hates roses, roses are adored and enjoyed it from a long time in almost all part of the world. Rose is a symbol of beauty, bond, and peace.

 The wide variety of color signifies different meaning; mostly roses are a symbol of gifting especially to our loved ones. They also make a beautiful corner in a home décor. SEND FLOWERS TO AJMER to your loved ones.

The birthplace of roses are probably near Gulf of Persia, the oldest rose fossil or you can say a vintage rose was found in Colorado which was more than 35 million years ago.

Roses are also used by Egyptians to offer their goddess, Iris. In 15th century English cultivated and hybridizes roses when the English rose war took place though, roses are cultivated all over the world Netherlands is the largest world exporter of roses.

Types of roses:

  1. Species roses:

Species roses are also called as nature’s roses. They are relatively simple 5 petal flower, they can last well in winters and includes many types of varieties.

Species roses are considered being the oldest species of roses back about 35 million-year-old.

  1. Old garden roses:

This rose takes its birth by man creation of mix and matching rose breeds with one another, old garden roses are the delicate and beautiful flower with a wonderful perfume in it.

Old garden roses are easy to grow and are disease resistant they usually grow in shrubs and are of different color but usually in pastel and white color the different varieties of old garden roses are,

  • China roses.
  • Tea roses.
  • Damask roses.
  • Moss roses.
  • Bourbon roses etc.

  1. Modern roses:

Modern roses are the predecessor of old garden roses, they are also taking birth from cross breeding of tea roses with primrose. They are rich and vibrant in color.

The first ever modern rose was introduced in La France in 1867; modern roses require a proper care and a warm climate.

Tips to extend a life of rose:

  • If you are planning to plant it with the help of stem always cut a stem at an angle, in this way rose will able to absorb more water from the soil.
  • Place the stem in warm water about 97 degrees in a Vase.
  • Never submerge leaves and thorns in water.
  • Change the water every day.

Growing roses:

  • Roses need 6-8 hour direct sunlight.
  • Clay soil and warm temperature are appropriate to grow roses, plant them in separate place do not merge with other plants.
  • Dip at least 6 inches hole to the roots space to grow.
  • Cow dung and compost are the best fertilizers for roses to give them nutrients.
  • Give the moderate amount of water to them.
  • Regularly trim off the broken and bruised parts of the rose plant like dried leaves, stem flower etc. cuts down the top growth down to 6-8 inches.

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