People looking for suitable rental properties in major cities generally spend hours browsing the Internet. They go through numerous rental listing sites to search for houses or apartments which cater to their specific needs.  These individuals then have to take out time from their busy schedules to check out these properties. When these potential tenants come across a suitable apartment or house, they enter into negotiations with the landlord. This is normally a time-consuming process

Travis Cadman – What should prospective tenants look for when browsing a rental listing site?

Travis Cadman is a prominent real estate expert from Alberta, Canada, with more than 25 years of valuable experience under his belt. He specializes in the sale of foreclosure properties, residential development, land banking, and investment in commercial complexes. Throughout his career, he has been successful in developing numerous real estate joint venture projects with his brother, Ron Cadman. Today, his commercial activities extend beyond Canada to various parts of North America. He is also the co-founder of many real estate development firms in both these countries.

According to Travis Cadman, people need to understand that not all online rental listing sites are the same. These potential tenants need to look for high-quality sites that offer them all the information they need. Above all, they should consider the following three factors when browsing for the right rental property on these sites:

Travis Cadman

1. Complete property details

People looking for suitable rental properties should avoid listing sites that give incomplete details of flats and houses for rent. These individuals need to know all the relevant information regarding these accommodations before they visit them. These include how many bedrooms a particular flat or house has, its proximity to shopping centers, freeways, and entertainment spots. Moreover, these potential tenants also need to be aware of how safe the localities of these properties are. Only the can they do thorough research of these flats and houses.

2. Amenities

Individuals searching for furnished rental accommodation will look for suitable amenities other than kitchen appliances and central heating. They see whether the flat or house they intend to rent has adequate air conditioning, storage space, and in-house laundry. Many of them may even want fitness areas, parking facilities, adequate windows, rooftops decks, and secure outdoor space. Only then will they show interest in entering into rent agreements with the owners of these properties. Otherwise, these individuals will simply look elsewhere.

3. Details regarding payment of rent and major policies

Most reliable rental listing sites disclose policies that are of interest to potential tenants. These include rules regarding keeping specific breeds of pets, the maximum number of occupants, smoking areas, noise, and building upkeep.  These sites also provide information regarding the period of rent agreement the landlords wish to enter into with their prospective tenants. This includes when monthly rent needs to be paid if there are an initial deposit and refund at the end of the lease period.

In the opinion of Travis Cadman, people looking for rental accommodations should select their online rental listings carefully. They should browse through high-quality sites that offer them complete details of the properties they look for, its amenities, and conditions. Only then can they make a decision to check these accommodations out and enter into a negotiation with their landlord.